TV Screen Test Necklace

Image of TV Screen Test Necklace


A television test pattern is typically broadcasted at times when the transmitter is active but no program is being shown. When you wear this necklace, you’re saying to the world “I am still awake, but your favourite programming will not return until the morning. Talk to me then.”

If you want to take charge of your content, simply insert a photograph into the TV screen to say: “Regular programming has resumed.”

A detailed object created from acrylics, quality woods and laminated prints; some use this as a decorative piece in their home.

Size: H 4cm x W 4cm x D 3cm
Photo size: 2cm x 3.2cm

Ships from Australia

Ship to Cost With Others
Australia $7.00 $1.00
Japan $12.00 $1.00
New Zealand $10.00 $1.00
Singapore $12.00 $1.00
United Kingdom $18.00 $1.00
United States $14.00 $1.00
Everywhere else $18.00 $1.00